Hello!  I am so happy you found me! 

With so many healthy eating websites out there, you may be wondering what makes mine different.

There are some great sites that promote healthy eating, but what may be healthy for one person, may not necessarily be healthy for someone struggling with Gestational Diabetes.

My focus  is to prevent Gestational Diabetes.

The foods and recipes I post have been modified and unhealthy ingredients REPLACED with  better alternatives to ensure you are not eating the wrong foods for YOU.

If you just found out you have GD, then you can still benefit from the information here, because even if you are on medications, you must start eating healthy right away!

My site is also helpful if you want to get started BEFORE you are pregnant!


So stay awhile, browse around and Enjoy! If you have any questions please contact me at donna@donnarock.com 

Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Program



NOTE:  If you are visiting from the link in my "100+ tips" e-book, the grocery list is now only available in my first e-book located under the "SHOP" tab.