A Surprise Ingredient That Keeps You Craving Sugars!

Sugar is not the only culprit affecting blood sugars.  Eating foods with any type of flour will raise blood sugars.  You will often see commercials and ads that promote “whole wheat breads” as a healthier substitute for WHITE flour products. But are you finding that you are STILL having trouble lowering or controlling your blood sugars, even though you are staying away from WHITE flour?

It was not until I formally studied nutrition and learned from very highly respected and experienced doctors, naturopaths and scientist that I learned the REAL TRUTH about whole wheat flour.  Are you ready?


Yes, it is true…and of course the marketers and companies selling flour based products will not tell you this.  The other sad truth is, many flour based products have ADDED SUGAR or Corn Syrup!

The only way to really lower your blood sugars  is to REPLACE any flour based foods (crackers, breads, tortillas, pasta.. etc)  with a different food… or simply remove flour based items from your diet right now….

Here is a breakdown of common flours you may come across when shopping or looking at recipes.  Keep in mind anything with a Glycemic Index of 55 or lower is considered “Low Glycemic”

Chestnut flour                                  GI 65

Matzo bread (white flour)                 GI 70

Flour, corn                                        GI 70

Crackers from white flour                GI 80

Wheat flour, white                            GI 85

Potato flour                                      GI 90

Rice flour                                         GI 95

Potato flour (starch)                        GI 95


As you can see, many of these alternatives to white flour still have a high glycemic index and will STILL affect your blood sugars!

So, I will say it again…the best thing that you can do for yourself is to REPLACE any foods that you are eating that contain flour of any kind with foods that contain the actual whole grain.

Or, replace meals that call for bread with vegetables!  For example, go ahead and have your hamburger, but wrap it in romaine lettuce.  Even if you are eating out, you CAN ask to substitute the bun with lettuce!  Another example is instead of those chips with your salsa, ask for cut up cucumber to dip in the salsa!

For those of you who have been following me for a while, will know that I frequently promote Ezekiel bread and other products from Food For Life.   (NOTE:  I want to make it clear I have absolutely NO monetary interest or gain for promoting Food For Life! )  I have found the breads, pastas and tortillas that Food For Life offers is a tasty and healthy alternative to  any flour based foods you are currently eating.  The other benefit is since these contain whole grains and sprouted grains, they are great source of healthy fiber!

It will take some adjusting to not having flour in your diet… and your body will go through withdrawal… but hang in there.. keep reminding yourself WHY you are doing this and it will all be worth it!!

I am passionate about spreading the word to women around the world about natural ways to manage Gestational Diabetes.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at Donna@DonnaRock.com