How to Naturally De-Stress and Lower Those Blood Sugars!

It is more common to hear about stress raising your blood PRESSURE, but studies have shown that stress can also raise blood SUGARS.  This is important to know when you have Gestational Diabetes, because right now you want to do everything you can to keep your blood sugar under control.  Both happy stress with the anticipation of a new arrival… as well as negative stress as you worry about having Gestational Diabetes and whether your baby is going to be healthy… can elevate your blood sugars.  So if you feel like you really are eating healthy, yet your readings are running high, take a step back and think about how you are handling stress.

For example, when you are driving in traffic, are you holding the steering wheel tight?  Are you worried about arriving late?  When you are standing in line somewhere, do you feel impatient?  Are you holding your breath or clenching your jaw?  Do you rush around in the morning, trying to get everyone and yourself out the door?

Well, one great way to calm your body down is using the deep breathing technique.  The great thing about deep breathing is you can do it anywhere, anytime… and it is FREE.  Here are the basics for successful deep breathing:

  1. Breathe IN slowly and count (in your mind) to 4
  2. Breathe OUT slowly and count (in your mind) to 4
  3. Repeat!

Yes, that is it!  When you count in your mind, it helps calm your thoughts as you focus on counting.  The controlled breathing will slow your rapid heartbeat and after a couple minutes your whole body and mind will begin to relax.

Try it out the next time you feel yourself worrying or getting anxious. It really does work and the great thing is, deep breathing is a completely NATURAL and SAFE way to manage stress… and lower your blood sugars!

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