Not All Vegetables Are Good For You

One of the primary changes that you are told to make with your diet when you have Gestational Diabetes..or even Type 2 Diabetes is to eat more fresh vegetables.  For those of you who are tracking carbs, it is true that vegetables are a form of carbohydrate, but it is a COMPLEX carb– meaning it will take longer to be digested in your body and in turn will NOT elevate your blood sugars.

I started doing some detailed research on vegetables when a client who actually did eat a lot of vegetables was still struggling with her blood sugars.  What I discovered is NOT ALL VEGETABLES ARE FREE OF SUGARS…AND SOME HAVE STARCH WHICH WILL ALSO SPIKE YOUR BLOOD SUGARS!

The biggest offenders which should be replaced or avoided is POTATO, SWEET POTATO, CORN, PEAS, CARROTS.  Potato is a staple in many foods around the world.  Unfortunately, even though potato is low in sugar, it is very high in starch.  The starch will spike your blood sugars.  And even though you have probably heard that SWEET POTATO is a better alternative, the fact is sweet potato is higher in sugar content compared to regular potato…AND it is high in starch!!    The same goes for corn – fresh, creamed…even POPPED CORN!  Peas high in sugar content as well as high in starch.  Carrots tend to be high in sugar….

UGH!  So what should you do?  What vegetables CAN you eat and still keep your blood sugars under control?  I created a report that you can download that contains over 500 vegetables and vegetable products that is listed in order of sugar content from LOWEST to well as the starch content.  I thought it would be helpful if you could view the list and even print it out, highlight the vegetables that you would enjoy that are lowest in sugar….or highlight the ones to avoid…. whatever method works for you.  Also, my hope is this report will introduce you to vegetables you may not have even considered!  Try some out and experiment with them!  You may be surprised!

Using this information and  making adjustments in the vegetables that you are eating, you will be making  a MAJOR change in how well you can manage your blood sugars just through the foods you are eating!

So click this link, to download the report which is a PDF document:   DOWNLOAD REPORT!   I would love to hear from you about how making changes in your vegetables have made a difference!