How to Know if A Recipe is OK to Use

When I was writing my E-Book Manage Gestational Diabetes Naturally I discovered that online and in the book stores there are so many recipes to choose from…  healthy recipes, recipes from popular diet programs, and even “Diabetic Friendly”  recipes.   But are these recipes right for someone with  Gestational Diabetes?

Finding recipes can be just as confusing as  grocery shopping for the right foods.  Here are three big tips to keep in mind when deciding whether to try out that delicious looking recipe!

  1. Do NOT assume the recipe is okay just because it says “Diabetic Friendly”. I found many recipes that promoted this claim, but when I looked at the recipe it contained flour, sugar, starchy foods, sauces with sugar, fruits too high in sugar.
  2. Just like when buying packaged foods… look at the ingredients! If you really like the recipe see if you can REPLACE a bad ingredient.  For example, if there is potato, you can use cauliflower instead and end up with a great starch free meal (remember starchy foods spike blood sugars also).  If that delicious sandwich recipe calls for bread, use romaine leaves instead.
  3. Do NOT assume ALL recipes from a popular diet program/plan would be okay to use. For example, the PALEO diet does have some great carb free meals… but it also allows baked goods. Baked goods contain flour… and flour for a woman with Gestational Diabetes is going to spike blood sugars!

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