I know you have a limited time to figure out how to eat healthy.  That is why I created the resources below so you have all the right information at your finger tips!  Whether you just found out you have Gestational Diabetes, or you want to PREVENT it, this information can help you get started immediately!  They are reasonably priced because my goal is to get this information to as many people as possible    ~Enjoy!

A great jump-start to eating healthy....

  • SHOPPING LIST with safe foods to eat!
  • TWO WEEKS worth of SIMPLE sugar free, refined carb free recipes!
  • TIPS to MANAGE STRESS NATURALLY.... stress RAISES blood sugars!

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My BEST Tips all in one spot..

  • Collection of my MOST effective tips shared with clients over the years!
  • No need to wait or scroll through my old Social Media posts to find these tips.. They are all HERE!

Available at the following trusted websites (click button):

Coming Soon!  The Ultimate Recipe book !  100+ recipes to get you through the rest of your pregnancy and post-pregnancy.. or if you are planning to get pregnant and want to start off eating healthy to PREVENT gestational diabetes!