The ONE TRICK that Just Might Solve Your High Morning Fasting Readings


One of the biggest frustration for pregnant women with Gestational Diabetes is struggling with high morning fasting readings.  Some days your readings may be fine… other days it is not.  Unfortunately, this is part of why Gestational Diabetes is such a complex condition… and not exactly like Type 2 Diabetes.

From my research in trying to find the best answers, here is a small summary of WHY this is happening  without drowning you in too much technical details:

I am not sure if your doctor explained this to you, but the two explanations for high morning blood sugars are:  The Dawn Phenomenon and the Somogyi Effect.

With the Dawn phenomenon your blood sugar levels drop in the evening at the time you take your evening insulin.  However, between 3am-8am your body is preparing for the next day, and it starts to release stored glucose along with hormones that reduce your sensitivity to insulin.  Because your evening insulin is wearing off around the time your body is naturally preparing for the next day your blood sugars will raise.

With the Somogyi Effect, Dr. Somogyi discovered that the spikes in the morning are actually due to poor management of your diabetes.  Either you took too much insulin in the evening  or you did not have enough/the right bedtime snack.  Or, your long-acting insulin at bedtime is not enough and you wake up with high readings (which to me sounds like the Dawn Phenomenon to me! )

So… what is the one trick that will help you get this big problem under control?

Take a serious look at what you are eating during the day.

Yes.. what you ate earlier in the day CAN and WILL affect what happens later on in the evening.  If you are eating more carbs than your body can handle, your body will work overtime to process the excess glucose.  This is whether you are already on medication or not.

Regardless of the guidelines out there, or what your doctor has told you… every woman is different in how their bodies handle carbs.  Just like some people can eat tons of calories and not seem to gain a pound… and another person would tip the scale.. we are all built different.

So this is where you will need to ignore those guidelines and discover what YOUR BODY can tolerate.

Try this experiment if you are not convinced.  For the next two weeks:

  1. Completely eliminate anything made from flour. That means pasta, bread, crackers, muffins, cereals etc.
  2. Completely eliminate starchy foods. That means potato and corn.
  3. Completely eliminate sugars. That means juices, candy, sauces that contain sugar or corn syrup.

Research has shown… and I have personally seen…. women who dramatically cut out the bad carbs end up regulating their blood sugars within 1 or 2 weeks..  some women even end up lowering their medication.. or don’t need medication anymore because they have successfully cut out the bad stuff that makes blood sugars spike!

That really is just how powerful eating the RIGHT FOODS CAN BE!

I know it can be difficult to give up your favorite foods!  It is not like you decided you wanted to go on a diet to lose pounds and you have the luxury of easing into healthier eating.  But, the message I always try to get across is… remind yourself of WHY you are making this “sacrifice”…..  and actually is it really a sacrifice to eat healthy?  You not only are making these changes to bring a healthy baby into the world… you are also becoming healthier yourself…so that you can be around and able to raise your child too!  So the rewards in the long run are worth it!

I am passionate about spreading the word to women around the world about natural ways to manage Gestational Diabetes.  If you have any questions, please contact me at