Yoga, Deep Breathing and Meditation Help Lower Blood Sugars

Over the past 5 years I have started to embrace yoga, deep breathing and meditation to help me deal with every day stress as well as help me with the aches and pains of my running, tennis and weight lifting.  I truly believe introducing these practices into my weekly routine has really helped me shift into a more calm state of mind and not react so intensely to life’s stressors.

I am sharing this because in doing research about the benefits of yoga, deep breathing and some form of meditation,  I am excited to share that studies have shown  these practices can help LOWER BLOOD SUGARS!

A study in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed transcendental meditation can help people with diabetes control their blood sugar levels. It can also lower blood pressure and reduce insulin resistance. Meditation is also used to relieve chronic pain.

I used to think Yoga meant stretching and contorting my body in positions I could not do.  But the great news is there are so many different levels and some even focus more on simple stretching and deep breathing which I personally find more beneficial than the more active position focused yoga.  The best thing to do is to locate a yoga studio nearby and find out what types of classes they have. Please note:  If you are pregnant, please make sure the classes are suitable for pregnant women.  Even if you are post-pregnancy and no longer have Gestational Diabetes, yoga is still a great practice (along with eating healthy)  that can help you prevent developing Type 2 Diabetes.

If going to a yoga class is not a good option for you, learning to find a quiet time and quiet place at home to detach from electronics and do deep breathing for a set amount of time has shown to also give great benefits.  There are many Youtube videos you can Google to find a deep breathing demonstration that appeals to you.

Meditation is also an area of mystery to many people, including myself.  But I a learning there are different types which do not require you to “clear your mind of all thoughts”.  One type of meditation that is helpful is called  transcendental meditation.  It is a technique for detaching from anxiety and promoting harmony and self-realization by meditation, repetition of a mantra, and other yogic practices.  You can find a practitioner in your area by going to the Transcendental Meditation  Website at


One final note:  If you have young children, getting them involved in the deep breathing and even yoga is very beneficial to them too!  Again, studies have shown it helps children with ADHD, concentration, coping with anxiety, managing melt downs.. what a wonderful skill to teach your children when they are young that they can carry into adulthood!